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Alkaline-Free All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner (1 Reusable Spray Bottle with 4 Refill Packs)

Alkaline-Free All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner (1 Reusable Spray Bottle with 4 Refill Packs)

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No More Stains

You no longer need to worry about tough grease and soot stains on your glass or other surface areas around the kitchen. Our household cleaner is unique in formulation with a special blend designed to remove even the toughest stains with powerful ingredients. Unlike most kitchen cleaners, DutyBox Kitchen Cleaner makes it easy to clean grease and soot.

Fresh Scent

The all-natural and alkaline-free cleaning spray leaves a fresh scent of lemon flavor. This scent helps keep flies away from the kitchen area and keeps the kitchen smelling fresh all day. Keep your kitchen clean and smelling fresh.


The all-purpose cleaning spray is highly effective, eliminates stains easily, and saves time and energy. This is the ideal spray to use on surfaces and glass windows prone to collecting grease, soot, and dirt.


An organic household cleaning product, the DutyBox Kitchen Cleaner is environmentally friendly and naturally produced and therefore safe for use around the family. The plastic bottle is recyclable and refillable to avoid unnecessary disposal of bottles.

A New Way of Enjoying Our Product

Customers receive the very best product on the market compared to others on the market. We offer first-class customer service with quick response time for inquiries and questions regarding our product.
  • Our concentrated kitchen cleaner is Ideal for Grease Removal as it cuts through grease, burned-on residue, and grime on pans with little time and effort compared to other cleaning supplies. The ingredients combined by a team of the best experts in this particular field make it perfect. This unique combination in our all-purpose cleaner makes it efficient to use on cooktops, smokers, deep fryers, grills, ovens, microwave ovens, and oily surfaces.
  • Enjoy Refreshing Fragrance in each bottle as nothing feels better than operating in a kitchen that is clean and smells fresh. When using other detergents, the lack of flavored scents attracts flies into your kitchen area. However, with our lemon-flavored concentrated kitchen cleaner, your kitchen will have a refreshing scent and keep away the annoying houseflies. In addition, the cleaner does not leave streaks, dull spots, or deposits on the surface.
  • Convenient and Versatile household cleaning supplies are what you need in your home. Relish in a product that is both comfortable and versatile to apply. Our goal is to give you a product that is quick, easy, and efficient without wasted effort, time, and energy. Therefore, with our alkaline-free cleaner, it is easy to use and breaks down the grease efficiently, reducing the time and effort you use with other detergents.


Scent: Lemon
Recommended Location: Indoor
Brand: Dutybox
Features: Environment-friendly
Manufacturer: DutyBox


WARNING - California Proposition 65: None

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