The Coolmix Story

RunnerNYC.COM is a Coolmix Brand! We are on a mission to change the status quo. We understand the frustration that many are feeling about high prices at local stores since COVID pandemic. This phenomen shows no signs of going back to normal, even though most supply chain bottleneck has been aleviated. The brand looks beyond not just selling you the most competitive priced products but, leveraging your shopping dollars to effect change in our NY Community. We can make a difference by donating a slice of what we earn to things that matter. As a "Next Gen Global Marketplace" we are committed to reshape Global Business Dynamics, not by disruption but fostering synergistic business relationships with Global Brands. What can changed? Our Next Gen Marketplace is a unique shopping destination where your shopping becomes an automatic philanthropic experience with everything you buy. Coolmix donates a slice, up to 10% of its profits to charities, causes and in unexpected natural disasters. The Coolmix Platform is building technology to target and scale our philanthropic platform vision of #Sustainable Philanthropy. Ask us how? Join the movement by Shopping on RunnerNYC and  our Coolmix Group destination websites and Apps. Be the change you seek. Refer your favorite Charity or Cause. Sign up here and become a True Coolmixer to automate Change! 

We Make Giving Easy As Breathing.You Shop, We Give!  #GivingIsLiving #SustainablePhilanthropy.